Your Living Nightmare

About & HistoryEdit

Your Living Nightmare got the idea of "Scream Team" from the once-high scoring Joanna.Pety. Her team was originally called "Scary Gang" and there were only a few members. After being encouraged by Izzy Is Random <3 to create a YouTube channel, Scream Team gained popularity and became an internationally known team with thousands of members. 

Style, Artbooks, and MoviesEdit


Her looks are usually made in pastel colors and are not very girly; however, her style will change depending on the week's theme. Her looks depending on the server get anywhere from 10-100 purchases and 100+ loves. She buys the same outfit, but in different color schemes for each server she is active on.


Her artbooks are often made for special occasions; to announce something, to advertise pets, or to make a fun contest for her "Scary Thots". Most of her artbooks make it to the front page of the artbook highscores.  


Her movies are often very creative <p style="font-weight:normal;font-size:14px;">